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There are many ways you may need to calculate your GPA. Your Pope/Cobb County transcript shows your overall weighted GPA, but colleges use many different formulas for calculating student GPA's for admissions purposes. You may need to e-mail or contact the admissions office of the colleges you are considering in order to find out exactly how they determine the GPA for admission to their college.


The HOPE Scholarship uses a different GPA calculation (than the Pope/Cobb County GPA shown on your transcript) to determine a student’s eligibility for the HOPE Scholarship. GAFutures has a link to your HOPE GPA Calculation. 

The links below will describe in detail how to calculate your core weighted and non-weighted GPA so you have the information you need when it comes to college admissions. The Excel spreadsheet below will help you calculate your core GPA with or without weighting by just plugging in the number of A's, B's, C's etc. plus any bonus quality points taken for honors and AP courses (if applicable).



The Pope Peer Tutoring Club is a peer tutoring club open to any Pope student.  Tutors have been selected based on academic performance, character, and communication abilities.  Students who request tutoring (tutees) will sign up using an online form. The tutoring committee will match these students with tutors and the tutor will contact the tutee with a date/time for the tutoring session. 

tutor lists

Disclaimer:  Pope High School provides these lists as a courtesy to our students and their families.  We are not familiar with all of their credentials; therefore, we advise you to interview these tutors to determine the best fit for your student. 

ACT, SAT, General




foreign language

social studies

Cobb County has partnered with TUTOR ATL to provide FREE tutoring for students. If you have a student who needs assistance or extra help in any subject area please take advantage of this opportunity for additional support and intervention to help our students succeed. 

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