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Withdrawal Procedures

Withdrawing Your Student

Should you need to withdraw your student, please adhere to the following procedures:

  • Please contact Lisa Squier in the Counseling Office to set up an appointment to withdraw your student. Phone number is listed below.

  • You will need to provide the following information:

  1. Date you will be withdrawing your student

  2. Reason for the withdrawal

  3. New mailing address

  4. Name and address of the school where you plan to enroll your student


Your student’s withdrawal will require 24 hours to process

We must verify that all textbooks have been returned, all library books have been returned, and any past due fees/fines have been paid. We will also notify the Cafeteria of the withdrawal to determine if any funds need to be refunded to you from your student’s lunch account. 

The final paperwork will be available for pick up after the information mentioned above has been received. You will need to bring a photo ID with you to withdraw your student to verify your identification. You will need to sign the Withdrawal Form. At the time of withdrawal, you will receive the withdrawal form along with a 'Request for Records' form to give to the enrolling school to submit to Pope to request the remaining documents. 

Due to Georgia state mandates requiring us to document students once they are withdrawn from Pope High School, student records will not be released at the time of withdrawal. Student records will only be submitted to the new school upon receipt of the Request for Records from that school. All student records are submitted electronically to the new enrolling school.


If there are questions, the new school can contact Pope High School Records Clerk:

Pope High School

Attn:  Lisa Squier, Registrar

3001 Hembree Road

Marietta, Ga  30062

770-578-7903, Ext 069

770-578-7931, Fax


If you wish to print this information, click here:  Withdrawing Your Student

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